Be in a Music Video!


C-Mon & Kypski need your help to complete the music video for “More is Less”!

All you have to do is take a pic on your webcam making the same pose as the guy in the video and upload it using their nifty flash thingy, and then you can be in it!

The Inevitable List

…Of Things to do in 2010

1. Get a job I enjoy – Surprisingly enough, I think it will involve translating German – something I declared my hatred for for many many years

2. Finish Tomb Raider – I’ve got stuck a few months ago and gave up – You will not defeat me Lara Croft

3. Actually use my Wii Fit – Another thing I stopped doing a few months ago – I was doing so well!

4. Learn some HTML or CSS – Or something else nerdy, whatever Rob thinks is more useful

5. Throw things away (or find clever places/ways to hide them) – Especially clothes I don’t wear because my wardrobe and chest of drawers are absolutely full

6. Move out – I’ve scrounged off Mummy and Daddy long enough

7. Spend more time being social – With my family, my Rob and my friends

8. Save up enough for a big trip – If not the Round-the-World trip we had planned, then America or Australia

9. Keep up with stuff – Be it people, podcasts, TV shows, books, the news…I’m always behind!

10. Stop being so reliant on my car – As much as I love it, we need to spend some time apart. Maybe when it gets a bit warmer though!