The Inevitable List

…Of Things to do in 2010

1. Get a job I enjoy – Surprisingly enough, I think it will involve translating German – something I declared my hatred for for many many years

2. Finish Tomb Raider – I’ve got stuck a few months ago and gave up – You will not defeat me Lara Croft

3. Actually use my Wii Fit – Another thing I stopped doing a few months ago – I was doing so well!

4. Learn some HTML or CSS – Or something else nerdy, whatever Rob thinks is more useful

5. Throw things away (or find clever places/ways to hide them) – Especially clothes I don’t wear because my wardrobe and chest of drawers are absolutely full

6. Move out – I’ve scrounged off Mummy and Daddy long enough

7. Spend more time being social – With my family, my Rob and my friends

8. Save up enough for a big trip – If not the Round-the-World trip we had planned, then America or Australia

9. Keep up with stuff – Be it people, podcasts, TV shows, books, the news…I’m always behind!

10. Stop being so reliant on my car – As much as I love it, we need to spend some time apart. Maybe when it gets a bit warmer though!