DAY 2 Make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

Ok, this is probably not going to be interesting, but here goes!

  • Rob got up about 7am to go to work, I normally wake up while he gets ready but I slept through it all
  • Woke up properly about 10am and watched Homes Under The Hammer before getting dressed
  • Watched four episodes of Mad Men. I only started watching it a month or two ago by unemployment has given me the chance to really catch up. The fourth season finished in America last night so I was trying to get up to date but then forgot I hadn’t downloaded the penultimate episode so I was foiled. They’re both on the computer ready to watch now though
  • Surfed the internet for a while, listening to some podcasts in the background
  • Headed into Birmingham at about 5 so I could do a market research survey about cider. I got paid a tenner to look at pictures of packaging. Awesome
  • Met up with Rob and went to Nando’s for dinner where I had my usual mango and lime wuss-burger, chips, coleslaw and perinaise. I realised Rob knows me well enough to make my drink there without asking – a bit of Fanta topped up with Coke. When I lived in Germany, I got hooked on Mezzo Mix which is a combination of the two sold by Coke. I’m still upset they don’t sell it here.
  • Came home and played with Rob’s family’s mental new cats Louie and Max. We got them on Saturday and they’re absolutely bat-shit insane!
  • Watching the last episode of The Inbetweeners which starts in about 20 minutes’ time
  • Probably prepping for my interview tomorrow before bed




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