Day 15 A Letter to Someone You Wish You Could Meet

I’m doing two posts today as I missed a day when we came back from Athens

Dear David Attenborough

You were my childhood hero. I watched pretty much everything you did on TV when I was little, especially Wildlife On One every week. One of my lasting childhood memories is coming downstairs late one night when I was ill and my parents let me stay up and watch one of your programmes. I think was about wild boars. 

I read Life on Air earlier this year and loved it. I was so disappointed when my Dad got the date wrong for one of your book signings and I thought I was off work but it turned out I wasn’t. He did try to go to another one for me, but there were so many people he didn’t get to.

It’s amazing all the adventures you’ve had over the years and that your career is still ongoing. It’s so clear watching your shows how passionate you are about the natural world and I really admire that.

Please take me on a jungle safari,

Love, Leah 

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