Day 25 A Letter To Someone You Judged By Their First Impression

Dear Everyone

I always judge you on the first impression! For example, if you’re smoking, I’ll lose a lot of respect for you on sight. Of course, I’ll often change my mind, like with one particular person I used to work with who I thought I’d hate but turned out to be one of the loveliest people I’ve met, but for the most part first impressions are accurate and they count for a lot.

I’m going for a lot of job interviews at the moment – a consequence of jacking in my old job and moving halfway across the country. I take a lot of care about my appearance and how I come across because I know that whoever’s interviewing me has a limited amount of time to get a good impression of me. They, for the most part, go out of their way to get their company to come across in a positive light to make you want to work there. 

I think people who say they reserve judgement are lying. You can’t help but make an analysis of someone or something on sight – that’s why advertising exists and works. There’s always room for manoeuvre later, but everyone judges!

Judging you,


P.S. – The challenge is halfway done! 


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