Day 31 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Today’s topic – why I’m now the Foursquare Mayor of the doctors’ surgery I’ve only been at for a week

So on Saturday, I went to the doctor about the cold I’ve had since the last day we were in Athens, so for about 3 weeks now. There wasn’t much they could do as it’s a cold, but I said that my ear had been blocked for about 2 weeks so she suggested I booked in for an ear syringe which I had today.

Apparently, the ear I’d been having trouble with was absolutely fine, but the ear I thought was fine got syringed. I was not a fan. I don’t like things touching my neck or other people touching my eyes or ears, but I managed to get through it only to find out that the eardrum was perforated! I thought that was supposed to be painful, but that ear had been very well-behaved! I’ve also now got to be checked out by another doctor next week for that, the fact that it made me dizzy and because I also get dizzy when I lean back to get my eyebrows threaded. I’m also now on antibiotics and some kind of herbal drops for the cold which are vile. Germany’s mad on drops, they’ll prescribe them for anything, but I’ve never had them over here!

I also have to go back again for an asthma check-up and also if my cold doesn’t get any better. I feel like I’m falling to bits! 


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