New Watch!



On Saturday, my watch strap snapped. After 3 years and multiple trips (including one within 3 weeks of getting it that left it with a scratched face) it finally gave up the ghost. I went to move my hand and got my ring stuck in the strap and before I knew it, the watch hit the restaurant floor.


I was horrified! In this age where most people check the time on their phones, no-one seems to understand the deep feeling of loss and fear when your watch breaks. Maybe I’m just lazy, but surely looking at your wrist is much quicker than getting a bulky device out of your pocket or bag?


I’ve been wearing a watch for years, my wrist felt totally naked without its security blanket. How would I know what time it was? I had a job interview on Monday, how would I know if I was late? What would I look at in reception to make myself look busy and important? It ended up being my feet – it was so cold I couldn’t feel them by the time I got to the interview!


Luckily, I have a very generous Nan who got me a brand new one as pictured above. As an aside, Swatch does awesome delivery! Ordered Saturday afternoon, left Switzerland yesterday and arrived this afternoon!


I feel so much better, even if that picture makes my wrist look really weird!



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