Doctors’ Rant

As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in my doctors’ surgery (so much so that I am its Foursquare Mayor). Today, they really pissed me off!


I’m asthmatic and today I realised that the inhaler I take to prevent me having attacks has just about run out so I went in to get a repeat prescription sorted so I can breathe properly. As I said in that previous post, I’ve just recently had an asthma checkup there where we discussed which medication I take. Somehow despite this, it’s not on my records that I take the bloody thing even though I’ve had it for nearly 2 years! How is that possible?


According the receptionist, this meant that I have to have another appointment where someone will say “yes, you can have the inhaler” and I’ll leave within 30 seconds. After a 45 minute bus ride. Which will cost me money I don’t need to be spending at the moment. For some reason, she also suggested going to the Walk-In-Centre next door to get one, which I thought was strange. As did the nurse there, so much so in fact that she dragged me back in to the surgery to shout at the receptionist!


As for that perforated eardrum they said I had last time, it wasn’t even perforated!  


So, I guess it’s go back tomorrow or not be able to breathe….


3 thoughts on “Doctors’ Rant

  1. OMG Leah the exact same thing happened to me!! I couldn’t breathe with my illness of death, so my Mum rang the Doctors to ask if she could pick up an inhaler for me, and the woman was really rude to my Mum and they had a row over the phone!! We ended up getting a prescription hours later and couldn’t get the inhaler until the following day when I didn’t need it… I guess Doctors don’t care about a little thing like being able to breathe!!!!

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