Couch to 5k – I’ve Gained A Fan

Today’s run felt a little easier than the first one. I didn’t have to take my inhaler more than once on my way round which can only be a good thing. I’ve conveniently got my yearly asthma checkup tomorrow so I’ll ask the nurse whether she thinks I need to change the way I take it during exercise.

Despite stinging my hand on some very tall nettles within the first minute, it all went pretty smoothly. It was a bit warmer than Monday  so I didn’t have my jacket on. I think that helped keep my temperature down meaning I wasn’t feeling as tired and gross at then end. That’s why I always liked swimming; no matter how hard you go, you can’t really feel yourself sweat.

I went out at about 3.45 this afternoon which wasn’t a great idea as the paths and streets were crammed with kids from the two local schools. At one point it was a bit like The Gauntlet from Gladiators.

I did have one highlight, though, which makes me smile every time I think of it. I was just getting into the very first of the 8 one-minute runs when I spotted an elderly man walking towards me. As I got up to him he actually stopped and applauded me! I said a slightly breathless thanks and flashed him a smile. That little moment kept me going for the rest of the run!

It’s amazing that such a small thing can keep you buoyed up for the whole day. If ever I feel like I’m struggling during one of my runs, I’ll think of him as my little cheerleader willing me home.

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