Couch to 5k – Long Overdue

Last time I wrote, I’d just started Week 2 of the C25K plan. I’m now one run away from Week 4!

The week 2 runs got a lot easier as the weather cleared up. I found myself covering a bit more distance each time which is a great moral booster. Another bonus was completing my first run without having to take my inhaler part way round. I quite liked the music on week 2 as well, especially the first run which was a not-so subtle remix of this classic:

The thing I seem to be having the most trouble with while running is definitely keeping my breathing in check. I’m not sure whether this is linked to my asthma or whether I just haven’t trained myself hard enough. I was never any good at it when I was swimming either, holding my breath while my head was underwater instead of breathing out. I’m trying to follow the suggestion given by Laura who narrates the podcasts (breathe in for 8 steps, breathe out for 8), but I find it really difficult to maintain it. I’ll keep trying though.

I found the jump to week 3 quite big. I’d looked up what it involved, and you go from running 90 secs, walking 2 minutes in week 2 to 90 secs walking, 90 secs running, 3 minutes walking, 3 minutes running, repeated twice. I had a look through the forums to see if anyone else had thought they wouldn’t be able to cope with this. I found the best advice on there – if you put it off til you feel ready, you’ll never do it. So off I went! Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a massive caffeine crash from a Starbucks I’d had earlier in the day and it made everything even harder. By the end I thought I was going to throw up at the side of the road, but thankfully that passed! I was really pleased that I managed to finish the run, however knackered I was.

It got a little easier yesterday, didn’t feel so ill and wiped at the end of it. I definitely wouldn’t have made it to 3 minutes on my own without the podcast. I think it’s a general fact, not just with running, that you’re far more capable than you think. It just takes someone or something to give you that little push to go further, work harder, achieve more.


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