Day 16 Provide Pictures of Five Celebrity Crushes

1. Zach Braff


2. Ben Miller


3. Matthew Perry was one of my very first serious celebrity crushes back during the Friends era


4. Daniel Brühl is a German actor we dedicated a display board to at college


5. Natalie Portman – token girl-crush


I Met Some Famous People – Part 2


Post 2 of the “I met some famous people” series is this one of me and Jaret and Erik from Bowling for Soup

Me and my friend Becky met got VIP tickets to the last night of their acoustic tour in Portsmouth last week and got to meet them before the show. They were really nice guys and very funny in between songs. I can’t believe how long they played for though, it was about 2 and half hours or so in the end. Definitely the best gig I’ve been to in a long, long time