Day 10 A letter to the person you hate most or caused you a lot of pain

This is going to have to be short and sweet as I’m stealing Rob’s laptop and the hotel Wi-Fi!

Dear Most Kids I Went To School With

I was such an easy target for you. I had frizzy, out of control hair with a fringe that stuck out a mile from my forehead. I had glasses, most of the time they didn’t match with anything I wore or my face. I had acne, despite trying every spot treatment Boots and my doctor could offer me. I had braces and picked horrible colours for the bands.

Now, my hair’s more under control and people stop me every time I go out to ask how I get it that way. I wear lenses most of the time. My spots have, for the most part, cleared right up. My teeth are straight.

I look at your Facebook profiles and laugh about how much better my life has turned out than yours. Even at my lowest points, often based on insecurities you instilled in me, I just think how lucky I am not to be you.



Blast From The Past – Sifl and Olly


My friend Becky and I got hooked on Sifl and Olly when we were about 14 or 15. I was still pretty new to the internets and Becky somehow came across Liam Lynch’s creation. They’re somewhat insane sock puppets whose sense of humor (perhaps worryingly) is very much the same as our own.

We remembered them today and spent all evening looking through the videos on YouTube and trying to find somewhere to buy or download all the episodes from, but to no avail. If anyone has any idea, please let me know!

In the meantime, enjoy Baby for Gravy