A Weird Version of an Old Favourite

As mentioned in a previous post, people often stop me to ask if my hair “is naturally like that”. Today I had the weirdest version ever.

I was walking along in H&M minding my own business with my headphones in when a fairly normal woman looked at me and started asking the age-old question. I politely took out my headphones and answered but didn’t expect to go much further than my usual “yeah sort of” with a brief demo of finger curling my hair.

She then told me about how she was in her 60s and dying her hair now and how she’d had perms in the past and had her hair cut from down to her waist to its current short bob in increments. I nodded along and started looking for an exit strategy when she cornered me with “You’re a student now are you?”. This was starting to get weirder, but I kept in nice-polite-Leah-mode and answered that I’d graduated but I was working in a call centre. She then had a brief rant about how that must be a temporary thing but if I was happy then it was ok. I assured her I was looking for something else more German-y which she then completely ignored and told me both her and her friend’s entire work and education history.

Eventually she got tired of that and decided to come back for another dig at my personal situation, declaring it “abysmal” that I must have paid so much money to do a degree and end up working in a call centre before wishing me luck and disappearing into town.

I’ve never felt so insulted by someone I’ve never met before! Or so confused!