DAY 1 Introduce yourself / List your likes and dislikes

I’m Leah, I’m 23 and I live in Birmingham. I graduated from Aston Uni in 2009 with a 2:1 in German and Translation Studies. I spent most of my time at Uni complaining about how much I hated German and saying I’d never use it again, but after a few weeks into my year of working in a call centre in my native Portsmouth, I decided German really was my calling after all. My boyfriend Rob, who I met on my first day at Uni and have been with (and lived with, apart from my year in Germany) for just over 5 years now, originally moved back to Portsmouth with me after Uni but had no luck getting a job. In June, he finally managed to get work back in Birmingham after nearly a year of trying. I then decided that enough was enough with my own job and quit in September so I could move back in with him and his parents. I haven’t managed to get a job up here yet, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too long; I’ve got a few irons on the fire!

Likes: Internet surfing, translating, swimming, reading, sandwiches, dark chocolate, sleeping, the Aztecs, laughing, IKEA, slippers, making a tit of myself

Dislikes: Being woken up, telesales, people pushing their beliefs on me, bugs, cleaning, interpreting, my hair

There, that wasn’t too hard! I might come back and edit the likes and dislikes, but it’ll do for now! 

25 Things About Me

I figured the first thing I should do with this new version of my site is to give you a bit of information about me, so I’m copying over that Facebook note that went on a while ago!

1. I used to come to blows with my sister about who got to play the pink Power Ranger
2. I have no idea why electricity is dangerous despite many people’s attempts to explain it to me
3. I was the very first Sixer of the Sprites in my Brownie pack
4. I had keyboard lessons for three years despite having a complete lack of rhythm and musical talent
5. I still can’t spell rhythm without thinking of the “rhythm has your two hips moving” mnemonic
6. I still bear the scars (and giant lump on my head) of an unfortunate Hang Tough incident – Don’t try to recreate anything you’ve seen on Gladiators
7. I still have all my old school books under my bed at home
8. I once won 50 Merit Points for my “close investigation of mud” on a school trip
9. If I could only eat one thing forever, it would be Café Rouge’s garlic breadsticks
10. I’m fairly sure I only passed my driving test because I was wearing a low cut top
11. I won £80 at bingo when I was about 10 and all the old ladies looked really mad
12. I cheated in my Spanish GCSE oral until I got caught and they took my script away
13. I’ve still got a notebook somewhere in which me and Becky rewrote a load of pop songs in Year 8/9
14. I used to collect notebooks and still tend to come back with one wherever I go
15. I had Osgood-Schlatter disease in my knee
16. You wouldn’t know it to look at me now, but when I was younger I did swimming, trampolining, gymnastics and badminton
17. I still harbour an urge to abseil down the chalk cliffs in Portsmouth
18. I’ve helped to build some kick-ass campfires in my time
19. I’d never had a curry until I came to Birmingham
20. I once met Cherie Blair in the toilets at the NIA
21. I broke my sister’s bed whilst dancing to Ricky Martin’s Shake Your Bon-Bon
22. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me “Is your hair naturally like that?” and have actually had my hair groped by a middle-aged woman who was walking past
23. I have no idea what stocks and shares are, why the FTSE is important or about anything the Bank of England does
24. I didn’t drink coffee until I tasted some really disgusting self-warming stuff my English teacher raved about and didn’t drink tea until the Müllers started giving me really weak stuff
25. When I was bored on the bus to work or college, I used to translate the song I was listening to into German in my head