On The Mend / Toesox Review

Hi everyone!

My back is feeling loads better than it was last time I wrote. I still get the odd bit of sciatic pain though. Last week my left foot kept going numb or tingly if I sat at the wrong angle, but that seems to have gone for the most part and I can move around a lot better without anywhere near as much pain.

I was still pretty sore last Monday, but I figured going to yoga could only really help. Weirdly, the only poses that hurt were just lying flat on my back rather than any backbends. I even managed to do a full camel pose, which our instructor said to be careful in if you’ve got back issues. Definitely looking forward to going back tonight with pretty much 100% movement back.

I got to try out my new yoga socks too! (Image taken from the Amazon page)


Although I did still get cramp (it’s in a church hall, it’s cold), it was a lot easier to deal with than before because my toes were spread and the socks are so much grippier, which makes it easier to flex my foot while maintaining the pose. They’re also surprisingly comfortable. I went through a toe socks phase about 8 years ago and used to wear them all the time, but never with cut-off toes like this. I’ve read some reviews that said they can rub between your toes, but I haven’t experienced that yet. We’ll see how it goes tonight, I guess!

Dorothy Perkins – Learn From Amazon

So the Dorothy Perkins saga continues. I still haven’t had my money back after 2 phone calls and 2 emails. It looks like I’m not the only one either: Click


Amazon on the other hand have been amazing!


Rob got me a Kindle for Christmas and I’ve loved it. It’s so quick to get books, and it’s often cheaper, let alone the fact that it’s so light and the battery power lasts for aaaaages! So I was devestated when I got back from a weekend away in Portsmouth to find the screen cracked, rendering it useless.


I thought they wouldn’t replace it under warranty because it was accidental damage, but as soon as Rob called Amazon they offered me a completely new one for free! Even more amazing, it arrived the very next day, and they sent DHL to pick up the broken one from Rob’s work for me!


Amazon, I salute you! Dorothy Perkins, you are crap!