Flights Are Booked!

When I finished my year abroad in Germany back in 2008, I thought I’d never ever ever want to go back. But now me and Rob have booked our tickets to go back to Cologne.

We’re going to stay with a friend of mine and hopefully make our way out to the countryside to see the family I stayed with out there. I’m so excited! We’re going to go to the Christmas market in Cologne and maybe Düsseldorf or Aachen, go to Saturn and Media Markt, the massive electronics shops (nerd alert) we loved, have lunch at Galeria Kaufhof….

I had some real issues at work sorting out the holiday time though. No-one had told me you can’t carry over holidays to next year, and the day I found out they took the boking system down. Then when it finally came back, there was no time available so the holidays people booked me random days! Luckily the head of my section managed to sort it all out though.

I’m so excited now! Beware an onslaught of photos!