Happy Birthday!


Two Birthdays 20 years apart. I still frickin’ love cake.

The Jerry the Wisdom Tooth Saga


Ok, so the picture looks a bit gross, but today was my last day with the wisdom tooth sitting oh so proudly at the back.

That little guy (let’s call him Jerry) has been bugging me for years. For some reason Jez decided that instead of growing up like a normal tooth, oh no, he wanted to stand out from the crowd. He decided to grow facing towards the other teeth. Now I’m all for individuality, but not when it involves me chewing holes in my cheek and having to buy toothpicks to clear out all the crap Jerry likes to wear as a hat clogged between him and his neighbour.

I went to see a dentist about moving Jerry along in 2006 or 2007 but he said it was too risky as Jez is using one of my nerves as a hammock, just chilling on it. Apparently there’s a chance that if they nick that nerve in their attempts to roll him out of his hammock, I could end up with a tingly lip forever more. So that was that.

Until I got a new dentist last Autumn who referred me to the hospital where I had my appointment just before Christmas. The dentist there was very much in the “Jez needs to get out” camp with me and now tomorrow I’m finally going under the knife and having him removed. Apparently Jez is a bit awkward, unlike the last wisdom tooth I had out which came out so quickly that the dentist dropped it and I nearly choked on it. 

Tomorrow, after about 10 years, two general anaesthetics, the extractions of 6 teeth, complicated braces and many hours in the dentist’s chair, I may finally have a good set of teeth. But tonight I raise a toast to Jerry, the last soldier in the fight against my dental health. Cheers old buddy!

PS – I’m taking that back if I end up as Little Miss Tingly Lip