No More Call Centres!


I got out of work today and found I had two voicemails, both from agencies who’d seen my CV online and wanted to speak to me. I was really excited and as soon as I got in I started looking up the phone numbers to see if it was anyone exciting.

Both of them were temp jobs in call centres, or “not a call centre, more of a helpdesk”.

It’s clearly on my CV that I want to move away from call centres and into translation! One of them has said she’d keep me on file and maybe contact someone in Winchester for me, but they were both quite negative about having anything come up for me.

Back to the phones tomorrow then…

New iPhone Case!


Look what I got for my iPhone!

Paperchase is my favourite shop in the world. First of all they sell notebooks – an obsession I’ve had for many, many years. Second of all, the stuff they sell is always so cute. If IKEA (for furniture and food) had a Paperchase corner, I’d live there.